​In the project +Reduction, exhibited at Kings ARI in October 2004 Robert Mangion collaborated with a sound artist/composer James Hullick in a work that was concerned with the exploration of three elements including duration, sound as event and the corresponding perceptions formed across various art objects and wall text. A fabric of sound was created derived from pre recorded violin and cello. Each instrument produceing a limited number of sonic events that then multiplied on a grand scale being distributed randonmly through thirteen speakers within the space. The sound transports the viewer from one element to another.


The work developed relative to the architectural space and performative contexts generated throughout the duration of the exhibition, forming relational connections across text, sound and color field surface. The work explores what lies beneth the surface of perception and the way visual matter is subject to slippage.


The work in +Reduction had been determined by the need to formulate an interactive environment between art objects, text, sound events and the participating subject. The project explored connections between architectural space and the affinity towards duration and perceptions of a sound as event.