The work for this project was determined less by formal concerns for material properties, and more by the necessity to articulate the trajectories between concepts, art object and the participating subject.Examples  that illustrate some of these concerns can be seen in Intertextual Bodies Project, initiated between 2001 and 2004 in collaboration with choreographer Christos Linou. Developed in five parts, including Act of Body Disqualification 2002, Act of Trespass 2002, Act of Being Inside/Out 2003 and Act of Refusing to Dance 2004.


The key thematic focus throughout all these projects was the workings of inter-subjective exchange, generated through dialogue and performative association. Inter-subjectivity generated not by individual psychological factors, rather through interpersonal projection and transference.


Each of the actions in Intertextual Bodies Project referred to the co-constructed nature of psychological responses within participatory, rather than individual contexts. These included dialogue around transference, displacement and unconscious expression.