Act of Permanent Suspension (Derived by Chance Altered Continuously)

Act of Permanent Suspension (Derived by Chance - Altered Continuously) is an occupation and continual modification of the exhibition/viewing space. Three performance interventions, that took place between the  22nd of November and the 6th of December 2014 at D11 Gallery Docklands Melbourne determine the reshaping of the installation, which invite the viewer to directly engage with the work through their proximity.

The artwork emerges through the actions, performance and gestures of the collaborating artist and involuntary participants. The idea sustained throughout the project is that the artwork itself is a durational event, rooted in elements of chance, indeterminacy and casual change.

​The live performance and video work produced in Act of Permanent Suspension explores participatory and interactive exchange, with the elements of chance, unpredictability and change at their core. Sculptural objects are juxtaposed with interplays of choreographed abstract movement.The performative work created from this interchange includes

  • Collaborative automatic drawings,

  • Sculptural objects

  • Choreographed performance, video and photography.

Act of Permanent Suspension is anchored in a relationship between sculptural objects and  mimetic gestures, in order to investigate links between the concrete and the transative.